What is the purpose of Vottelo?

Vottelo provides everyone in the world the opportunity to get an overview of varying opinions on topics that interest them. Through the use of closed questions, which can only be answered with yes or no, you receive answers in a simple way. It is intended to give the people a voice for their concerns. Likewise, it can be a tool in politics to ask for opinions from voters on a particular topic and to act accordingly. Vottelo can also be thought of as a kind of democratic tool or aid.

What sets Vottelo apart from other survey tools?

  • The evaluation of the survey is visible to all users.

  • Surveys are transnational, even possible worldwide.

  • Speed: The results are immediately visible.

  • Navigation: Simple narrowing of questions by selecting different filters such as country, category, date, etc.

  • Only closed questions are possible.

Why are personal details, date of birth, country, region, location, gender, nationality and language mandatory when registering?

This information is essential for the platform so that the surveys can be evaluated according to these criteria. Thanks to this information, the evaluations obtain the necessary significance.

Record question:

Why are choices like category, subcategory, country, region, location, language used when recording a question?

The selection makes it possible to assign the question to a specific country or topic. For example, if the question is a sports topic in Switzerland, it can be assigned accordingly. This makes it easier to find by other users on the main page, by setting the filters to "Switzerland" and "Sports".

The "language" filter indicates in which language the question was formulated. For example, a user can only search for questions which have been written in German on the main page.

Search questions:

On the main page, questions can be searched for easily and quickly by selecting different filter settings. At a higher level, there are two ways of sorting, "Most popular questions" and "Best rated questions".

What is the criterion for displaying the order under "Most popular questions"?

The questions that received the most responses from other users are displayed at the top.

What is the criterion for displaying the order under "Best rated questions"?

All questions can be evaluated by the users by clicking on "upvote" or "downvote". The questions with the highest number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes are displayed at the top.